New publications on "parenting initiatives" and "empowering vulnerable youth" in Uganda

Latest publications from the Department of Social Work and Social Administration

Walakira E.J., F. Matovu, A. Kyamulabi, R. Larok, A.B. Agaba, J.P. Nyeko, and R. Luwangula, (2021). Parenting Initiatives in Uganda: Learning from the Uzazi AVSI Parenting Model and Related Initiatives. Kampala: Fountain Publishers.

Luwangula, R., Walakira, E. J., Larok, R., Matovu, F., Agaba, A. B., Kasalirwe, F., and Nyeko, J. P. (2021). Empowering Vulnerable Youth in Uganda: Learning from AVSI life skills program and selected actors. Kampala: Fountain Publishers.

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