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Through local and international partnerships, we are able to build the capacity of our staff through training, undertake joint research projects, enable staff and student exchange to build strong relationships and influence policies at national and international level.

  • The University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Programs: Staff exchange and training at Masters Level

  • Carinthia University Of Applied Sciences Austria

In partnership with three other institutions of higher learning in East Africa namely University of Nairobi, National University of Rwanda and Institute of social work, Tanzania.

Programs: Joint research projects, staff exchanges, internships for students and other capacity strengthening opportunities.

  • University Institute, Lisbon, Portugal; University of Gothenburg, Sweden; and University of Stavenger, Norway

Programs: Collaboration with these three European universities to start a Joint Masters programme in Social Work with Families and Children.

  • University of Minnesota

Youth and civic engagement program, capacity building for staff Programs and Activities:

Collaboration with NGOs, government departments and research institutions for field placement, consultancy

services and guest lecturer program.