About the RCC

The RRC status is awarded to accredited institutions with a strong track record in offering high quality social work education and training programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The institutions must be committed to regional development using among others, culturally appropriate practices and have demonstrable track record of offering capacity building programmes to IASSW member institutions on a regular non-profit making basis.

The Team

Dr. Eddie Walakira Dr. Janestic Mwende Twikirize Dr. Hadijah Mwenyango

Purpose of the Social Work RRC at Makerere University

The RRC will develop and implement a regional strategy to:

  • Provide high quality capacity building programmes;
  • Lead region-relevant research projects;
  • Offer learning opportunities for academic staff and students in the social work arena;
  • Lead and foster regional communications and exchange on social work education;
  • Promote the vision and mission of IASSW.

Expected outcomes

  • Strengthening Social Work education,
  • Research and practice in East Africa through various capacity building activities.
  • And being the first center in Africa, benefits are envisaged to extend to the rest of the continent.

Key Partners

International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW); Association of Schools of Social Work in Africa (ASSWA); Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD); National Association of Social Work Uganda (NASWU); International and National NGOs; Regional and National Universities offering Social Work