Social Work students’ Academic Outreach

As MUSWSA, we were in position to mobilize about 54 so​​cial work students from the different years to undertake the above activity which took place between the 21st/April - 23rd/ April/2017. 
The outreach exposed us to many critical issues in the refugee camp which accommodates over 20,000 refugees mainly from south Sudan. We carried out various activities such as interacting with the elderly people who informed us that they face a lot of challenges such as inadequate food, limited water access, and were faced with pain due to injuries they had. They also miss their homeland and family members. One of our fellow social workers who knew their local language provided psycho-social support to them.
we distributed the in-kind commodities to them like old clothes, detergent, sanitary pads among others to children and the elderly.
It was an interesting learning opportunity inline with social work knowledge and skills as we got exposed to such an environment.
Ssenfuuma James Thomas